Nutrition and Healthcare for Unprivileged Women and Children

Nutrition is a basic need of life and thus plays an important role in health promotion and disease prevention. Unfortunately 43% children in Bangladesh are suffering from chronic malnutrition. Major nutritional problem includes - 1. maternal malnutrition 2. protein energy malnutrition 3. Essential vitamins deficiency 4. Iron, calcium and magnesium deficiency. However, malnutrition is preventable and mostly reversible with early adequate nutritional therapy.
To achieve this, Hemica's Angels for Humanity has adopted a holistic approach by conducting early identification test of patients at risk of malnutrition. The tests are performed systematically by Nutritional risk screening, a simple and rapid first-line tool to detect patients at risk of malnutrition. Patients with nutritional risk subsequently undergo a more detailed nutritional assessment to identify and quantify specific nutritional problems.

At Hemica's Angels of Humanity, the Nutritional Care Plans are developed in a multidisciplinary approach, and implemented to maintain and improve patients’ nutritional condition. Our standardized nutritional care plan includes systematic risk screening, weekly protein and vitamin-rich food and meal donation, free healthcare and medication supply. Adequate and timely implementation of nutritional support has resulted favorable outcomes, such as boosted the patients' BMI (Body Mass Index), improving academic performances of the kids, reduced the risk of premature labor, well-nourished pregnant women delivered healthy babies with perfect birth weight, reductions in the rate of severe complications, as well as improvements in quality of life and functional status.
Thanks to our healthcare workers and primary care physician Doctor Rezaun Naher for putting so much effort to an effective and well-structured nutritional care program. Currently we are fortunate to provide healthy meals and healthcare benefits to 100 malnourished families in Bogra, Bangladesh. Your support and contribution will help us to help many more and end malnutrition from Bangladesh.
Photo Description: Bi- Weekly screening test of the malnourished mother and children.
Location: Bogra Local office of Hemica's Angels for Humanity