Where We Work

"We Want to Work Around the World "

On the northern coast of the Bay of Bengal, a small country known by the name of Bangladesh can be found. Enriched in culture, traditions, and extraordinary nature, the country is home to 161.4 million people, of which 37.2% live in poverty. Millions of children in Bangladesh are victims of this immense level of poverty. Statistics show that rates of malnutrition in Bangladesh are among the highest in the world. In 2010 alone, 60% of children under five died from neonatal diseases, which is an aftermath of mothers not receiving proper nutrition during pregnancy. To help mothers deprived of food and necessities and impoverished children, Hemica's Angels for Humanity works towards providing food, sustainable healthcare, and educational resources. Hemica's Angels for Humanities is concentrating on Bangladesh's most impoverished areas and hopes to expand throughout the country in the next few years. Our goal for next 3- 5 years is to cover the most impoverished areas (16-20 districts) of Bangladesh. So that the women and children will not go to bed hungry and have access to healthy diet, proper healthcare and education.

Although our immediate goal is to help women and children throughout Bangladesh, our greater aspiration is to Reduce sufferings of the most vulnerable communities around the world. Our priorities are embedded in our logo. The five stars on the logo symbolizes food, healthcare, education, clothing, and shelter. All of these basic elements are an essential part of our daily lives but it can be a blessing to those who were deprived of these necessities. Currently our main concerns are to provide the right nutrition to the expecting mothers and children because they are the future of a country. With the rise in poverty, many children fall at the end of the spectrum when it comes to receiving proper nutrition. If the proper procedures are not taken to protect the children, it can jeopardize the future of these children as well as the nation’s future economy will be threatened. At this moment we are fortunate enough to help fifty families with food and medical needs in a small village that is located in Bogra.