" In this life we cannot always do great things. But we can do small things with great love. "

–Mother Teresa

The first 1,000 days — from the start of a woman’s conception to two years of her child’s age: is the time frame Hemica’s Angels of Humanity emphasizes as the “window of opportunity” for nutrition. During this time, a child’s brain and body develop rapidly. The 1,000-days approach is critical, for even if a child’s nutrition status improves after the first two years of life, damage done during those early years is largely irreversible.
Besides newborn health and services are closely linked to the care mother receives before and during pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal period. We work to prevent malnutrition by bringing a wide range of integrated interventions and programs to mothers and children, delivered through health workers and volunteers in the community and health staff at the health facility.

Our Programs

  • Provide weekly nutritious food donation to the vulnerable community of mother and children
  • Free healthcare, childbirth care, postpartum services, medication for the enrolled mothers and her children
  • Educate the parents about newborn care
  • Address adequate food and nutrient intake, effective feeding and care practices, and protection against infectious diseases
  • support breastfeeding, appropriate complementary feeding at six months, food preparation, hygiene and health care-seeking
  • Educate the mothers to improve access to essential micronutrients through fortification, supplementation and dietary diversity measures