Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your organization’s mission?


Hemica’s Angels for Humanity’s mission is to combat hunger and malnutrition and provide sustainable healthcare, educational resources for underprivileged women and children in Bangladesh in order to facilitate their growth, development and livelihood.

Q. What can your organization offer donors in exchange for a donation?


We share regular project updates, recognition in an annual report with our donors. Besides, donors can directly communicate with the sponsored child.

Q. What has your organization accomplished to date?


We are a newly established non-profit organization. Right now, we are providing weekly food donations, free healthcare to 50 families. The number of families is growing quickly.

Q. Can you share one or two stories of individuals whose lives have been changed because of your organization?


Our free of cost prenatal care has helped 10 pregnant women during their pregnancy and to deliver healthy babies.

Q. What are your organization’s goals this year?


As a newly formed organization, we have started our work in a small village of Bangladesh. We want to see no women or children in the entire village go to bed hungry or remain impoverished.


Q. How much money do you need from donors to accomplish your goals?


Any donation will be appreciable. A small $15 donation will feed a child for 20 days.



Q. How does a donor get confirmation that the donation is received?


When you make a gift, you will instantly receive an email with a profile of a child/ family whose lives are being transformed by our programs


Q. How much of my money is going to the actual cause versus to things like administrative or fundraising costs?


We give 99 percent of the money we raise to the cause.


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